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Brand vision


In the early 1980s, Mr. Lai, the founder of Hong Kong Tea House, noticed that people in Hong Kong generally lacked knowledge and appreciation for tea. As a result, he established Hong Kong Tea House with the mission of promoting Chinese tea culture and increasing people's understanding and interest in tea.

Hong Kong Tea House brings together a variety of high-quality famous teas from all over China and Taiwan, hoping that Hong Kong people can taste premium teas at reasonable prices.

All teas are purchased and strictly selected by our experts from different tea mountains, and then carefully roasted. To meet international hygiene standards and effectively ensure the best quality of tea, Hong Kong Tea House is the first company in Hong Kong to use vacuum packaging for tea.

Brand history

In the early days, Hong Kong Tea House mainly engaged in wholesale of domestic goods and sales of honey, tea, and alcohol.

In the 1990s, they began to focus on promoting and selling tea and also entered Hong Kong's Japanese department stores, becoming the first tea counter in a Japanese department store to sell Chinese tea and offer free tastings, promoting tea culture.

Their partners at the time included Daimaru, Yaohan, Kwai Fong British Home Stores, SOGO, UNY, and Yata department stores.

In the 2000s, Hong Kong Tea House became the first company to partner with ParknShop to open tea specialty shops. They had tea specialty shops in both Tsuen Wan and Olympian City ParknShop locations.

At the same time, Hong Kong Tea House also opened more specialty counters in Citistore, Aeon, YATA, and Citisuper, making it more convenient for Hong Kong people to purchase tea.

To promote tea culture, Hong Kong Tea House has organized Lung Ching Tea Festivals separately at SOGO and UNY department stores. They were also the first Hong Kong company to invite a tea master from Hangzhou to demonstrate the process of frying Lung Ching tea on-site, which received a very enthusiastic response.

Currently, Hong Kong Tea House primarily has specialty counters and shops in Aeon, YATA, Citistore, and shopping malls such as Olympian City Phase II, covering Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories. They also participate in exhibitions and sales events from time to time. In addition, Hong Kong Tea House has recently set up an online store, hoping to make it convenient for Hong Kong residents and people from all over the world to purchase premium tea and enjoy a cup of great tea!