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Enjoy free delivery or self-pickup at SF Express Pickup Store/lockers for orders over $500.

Download the mobile app and receive $20 shopping credit for new registrations.

Enjoy free delivery or self-pickup at SF Express Pickup Store/lockers for orders over $500.

Download the mobile app and receive $20 shopping credit for new registrations.

Enjoy free delivery or self-pickup at SF Express Pickup Store/lockers for orders over $500.

Newly launched! Hong Kong Tea House's new membership scheme.

Since the 80s until now, at Hong Kong Tea House, we've always appreciated all the tea lovers who have been with us on this journey. We truly believe that tea is not just a beverage, it's a way of life and a delightful source of well-being. Just like savoring a cup of high-quality tea, it takes a moment of appreciation to truly experience the aromatic flavors and find relaxation and happiness in both body and mind. So, let's continue exploring the marvelous world of tea together, and take our taste and quality of life to new heights. Whether it's spending quality time with loved ones or having a gathering with friends, Hong Kong Tea House promises to provide you with a unique and enjoyable tea-drinking experience. We can't wait to meet you and share the joy of tea!

Terms and Conditions:

1. New Membership System:
The new membership system will be effective starting from October 1, 2023. Customers must use their registered email/phone number on the website/store/mobile application for each purchase in order to accumulate the spending amount.

Upon reaching a specified spending amount, customers will be upgraded to VIP membership (Platinum VIP/Diamond VIP). VIP membership privileges will be valid for one year from the date of upgrade. By accumulating the specified spending amount within one year, VIP membership status can be extended for another year.

*The accumulated spending by members refers to the actual paid amount of confirmed transaction orders.

2. Membership Points Validity:
Points earned from purchases made on the website/store/mobile application will be effective within 5-7 days after the successful transaction order. The validity period for point redemption extends until December 31 of the following year and cannot be transferred. (For example: Points earned on May 30, 2023, will expire on December 31, 2024; points earned on December 6, 2023, will expire on December 31, 2024.)

3. Membership Verification:
To enjoy membership benefits, redeem points, or use shopping vouchers, members must present the mobile application. If only a phone number is provided orally, the transaction will only accumulate spending and points.

4. Shopping Voucher Validity:
Members need to download the Hong Kong Tea House mobile application and create a membership account to receive the welcome reward shopping voucher. Each device or account can only receive the reward once.

The validity period of shopping vouchers starts from the day they are deposited into the account. The validity period for welcome rewards and birthday shopping vouchers is 30 days, with a maximum deduction of 30% of the order amount. Shopping vouchers can be used on the website/store/mobile application.

*Refunds for returned goods will be based on the actual paid amount of the order.

*If there is any violation of account rules, such as malicious registration for earning shopping vouchers, Hong Kong Tea House reserves the right to cancel the order.

*The percentage (%) of the order amount that can be deducted may vary during other promotional periods, and the final discount amount displayed on the payment page will prevail.

5. Points and Shopping Voucher Inquiry:
Access "My Account" and click on "Membership Points" or "Store Shopping Vouchers" for inquiry.

*Member downgrades will not affect the accumulated points and shopping vouchers already obtained. Points and shopping vouchers can only be used within their validity period and will be invalidated after expiration.

6. Membership Points Redemption Rules:
For points redemption, go to "Membership Points" in "My Account" and click on "Redeem." Points can only be redeemed for gifts on the website/mobile application. If eligible, the gifts will be sent within 5 working days. If not eligible, Hong Kong Tea House reserves the right to reject the redemption application. In case of gift redemption depletion, Hong Kong Tea House will notify you immediately and return the member points. Throughout the process of point accumulation, redemption, or usage, if any account violation occurs, Hong Kong Tea House has the right to revoke or freeze the points in that account and cancel the transactions, while reserving the right to pursue account compensation liability.

*If an order only includes gift redemption, additional shipping fees will be calculated separately. It is recommended to redeem gifts together with the purchase of regular items.

7. Member Birthday Privileges:
Members must provide complete birthday information and accept Hong Kong Tea House's email promotions to enjoy member birthday privileges. The registered birthday date cannot be modified. If becoming a member during the birthday month, the benefits can only be enjoyed in the following year's birthday month.

8. Order Shipping Fees:
Free shipping for orders only applies to official website orders shipped to Hong Kong or Macau. Regular members, Platinum VIP members, and Diamond VIP members can enjoy free shipping for single orders with a minimum actual paid amount of HKD 500.

*Additional shipping fees may apply for remote areas, and the shipping fee amount displayed on the payment page will prevail.

9. Welcome rewards, daily offers, birthday offers, VIP appreciation days, and other promotions cannot be used simultaneously.

10. All existing members must update their information by January 1, 2024, by presenting the notification message or physical membership card at the store as instructed by the staff. Failure to update by the deadline will result in the account becoming invalid.

11. Hong Kong Tea House reserves the right to change or modify the rules of member-related activities. In case of any changes to the above terms and conditions, the latest announcement page by Hong Kong Tea House will prevail.